The Cast of the Beholder

The Beholder

The Beholder is a deranged serial killer working out of the conjoined border cities of Juarez and El Paso. His victims, all women, are chosen via a rigorous selection process before being targeted with surgical precision, but he takes no great pleasure in the act of killing, instead, he views his murderous atrocities as little more than a means to an end. The Beholder has a master plan. He’s waited the best part of twenty years to get reacquainted with ex L.A.P.D. detective Zac Hunter, and now he finally has the object of his obsession in his sights. Their reunion means everything to him, as it will be then, and only then, that he can complete his metamorphosis and fulfil his destiny.


Carmen is a young girl who hails from a small village just outside the Mexican border city of Juarez. She’s a natural beauty with an athletic build, long dark hair, high sculpted cheekbones, and striking brown eyes – to call her a knockout doesn’t even come close. But her looks haven’t been able to protect her from the harsh realities of life in impoverished rural Mexico. When her mother passed away from tuberculosis, her father couldn’t cope with the grief, and he’s been trying to lose himself in the twin vices of backstreet gambling and rotgut whisky ever since. Carmen takes on extra shifts at the nearby assembly plant to bolster the meagre family budget, while her sister, Marisol, stays home to run the household. After an exhausting week-long shift at the plant, Carmen returns to her village to find that things have taken another turn for the worse. Marisol has gone missing and only Carmen can save her. Leaving behind the only home she’s ever know, Carmen sets out with one goal in mind – save her sister or die in the attempt.


Stone is a proud member of the Apache race that’s well over six-foot tall and powerfully built. He has strong features, a weathered face, and long dark hair that he often ties back in a ponytail. His leather cowboy boots are scuffed, his jeans are old and frayed, and he rolls up the sleeves of his checked-shirts to let his biceps breathe. His best friends are his two Akita dogs, Caleb and Joshua, one a pinto, the other pure white – powerful animals whose long snouts and pointed ears give them a passing resemblance to Huskies, while his favoured mode of transport is his Triumph Rocket III, a behemoth of a motorcycle that sports a 2.3 litre engine and enough chrome to outfit a small bar. During the events recounted in ‘Blood Law’, Stone teams up with Hunter in order to bring down an L.A. drug gang. In the heat of battle, the two men forge a strong bond based upon mutual respect and a shared desire to see justice done, and by journey’s end they face the future safe in the knowledge that the other will always have their back.